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Whitefish Bay High School Pay It Forward Tour

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Alumni Profile: Irene Fernando

Irene is one of the co-founders of STLF. Irene, Isaiah (STLF’s Executive Director), and Claire (STLF's Communications and Development Fellow) sat down over a cup of coffee and a doughnut for this profile, this is their conversation.

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Core Site/HS & MS

Here you will find various resources and information related to STLF and helpful to its leadership.

You are able to download the STLF logo, letterhead and promotional pictures to use as needed. Additionally, STLF information is provided to help you speak about STLF to those you contact, whether it be a potential service or housing contact, the media or future participants. STLF videos that will help and entertain you as you lead. Regional Core contact information is also available to you.

See below for the following:

Tour Planning: High School Tour Specific.


Video:  Pay It Forward TOURtorial
Video:  How to Plan a Housing Site
Video:  How to Plan a Service Project
Video:  How to Make a Cold Call

** Please inlcude the STLF- At a Glance sheet with updated numbers from the front page of the website when sending the following 3 documents**
STLF Group Overnight Stay Request--Please download and fill in as much information as you can! 
STLF Group Volunteer Request--Please download and fill in as much information as you can!
STLF Post-Tour Thank You--Edit highlighted sections!

Tour Resources

Activities Guidebook
High School Tour Overall Guidebook
College Core Leader Information
Press Release--High School Tour Specific
Class Excuse Note - Please remember to customize it!  Let Cash know that you are using this, in case one of your teachers reach out to her to cross check.

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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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